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SCREENART Framing Explained

Paintings and artwork generally need a frame. If this frame is of poor design and quality it will detract from the artwork.

At Screenart we believe that the framing is as important as the screens themselves.

Why should the effort go into making a beautiful privacy screen to have it compromised with only one good side and at the back of the panels you look at the cheap alternative of folded edges, nuts and bolts?

We believe that both sides in the majority of cases should look the same, whether it is a decorative privacy screen, a room division, door or gate.

The screen may be made from metal, but lets not be restrictive and only offer metal framing.

Whether our Aluminium privacy screens are to be used as room divisions, privacy screens, gates, balustrading or one of many other applications – the framing becomes an important and integral part of the finished product and we have a number of options to choose from.

Screenart also supply all the brackets required for a successful installation.

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