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Like the Slimline framing system, this T section framing solution provides a frame and screen that is visually appealing from both sides having no folded edges and neither a front or back to the decorative screen panels.

Screenart has developed this robust framing system to be perfectly suited to DIY applications.

Someone with basic skills and minimal tools is capable of a professional installation for applications such as decorative privacy screens, gates, balustrading and large decorative screen panels typical of outdoor living spaces.

Using an extrusion that has been designed to not only hold the screen in place, but also conceal fixing bolts and screws, this method of framing allows easy installation.

The engineered structural frame is installed first, with all fixing hardware completely concealed within the frame itself.

The screen framed on all edges with the T section is then slid inside the structural frame and fixed off using small wafer head screws

T Section faming
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